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Virgin Islands Local Cuisine


When visiting St. Thomas sampling local cuisine is a necessary part of the vacation experience. Local foods are rich in taste and flavor. 

The Virgin Islands has specific dishes that are sure to please the palates of locals and visitors desiring an authentic culinary experience alike. 

Appetizers & finger foods 

Johnny Cakes – similar to fried dumplins or Bakes as is named in other Caribbean islands. Johnny cakes are made from a doughy mixture that is subsequently cut and rolled in circles and fried. This can be served with cheese at breakfast time, by itself or accompanying with a fried fish or local soup at lunch. 

Conch fritters – small bites of conch meat in a floury batter combined with onions peppers and salt battered and fried. This can served optionally with a dipping sauce. 

Pate’ – Pates’ are crescent shaped flattened dough that can be filled with seasoned protein for example ground beef, salt fish (salted cod), chicken, shrimp, conch or any optional filling you desire. The protein and dough are prepared separately, flattened with a roller pin, stuffed with protein and folded on itself. The preparation is then deep fried to golden perfection. Delicious for appetizer or a quick hand-held meal on the go. 

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